Message from the President:

Namaste to each and everyone! The youth to the respected elderly! With all your blessings, it is an honor to serve the satyavis gam patidar samaj. The samaj would like the youth to participate and suggest activities of their liking keeping in mind our roots and culture. Changes in society happen and to keep up we need the samaj to interact socially and share our common values and thoughts. Interact with the young and the elderly at gatherings, learn and follow the lessons learned and share the experiences of life. Maintain a Healthy, stress free and a jovial living.

It is now 33 years of the founding of our Chicago area samaj we are a strong 400 family membership and growing. Let us all get involved in participating, attending at gatherings and celebrate the most revered Picnic, Navratri Garba, Diwali function and strengthen our samaj.

This year we are planning to bring back our spring dinner to start off the year from coming out of the cold frigid Chicago weather!

Best wishes to all!


Akshay Patel (Chaklashi)