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​From the Heart of Charotar to our new home land, let us maintain our Traditions, Culture, Language, Religions and togetherness and with sense of belonging to this land but not loosing our value or forgetting from where we came!

Our Programs:

Spring Dinner, Outdoor Picnic, Celebrate Garba and  Diwali.

We will soon announce our events for the year 2023. Plan is to continue all the 4 events as mentioned above.

Now that the concern is there but  hopefully less about the pandemic situation and government regulation's.

Anyone interested in sponsoring an event individually or in a group, kindly contact any committee member for details or send a message through the contact us from this site. We welcome and appreciate all your efforts.

                                                                                                    (Update as of January 23, 2023).


 May 06, 2023 7 PM

Golf Park District
8800 Kathy Lane, Niles
The spring Dinner was great. Everyone enjoyed and did not want to leave as they all met after a long 2 year pause.
Sunday, July 16, 2023
11.00 am


Busse Woods # 32
Those who attended enjoyed the Picnic very much. There were requests of having 2 picnics. All had an awesome time and fun filled day.
Click here Video
Saturday, September 30, 2023

Golf Maine Park District

Feldman Recreation Center, Niles

Garba ma je badha avi shakia hata temne kubh enjoy kariyu. Hope we can all have a good time during this auspicious days for years to come!

Click here Video
Happy Diwali and
Happy, healthy New year 20

Saturday, TBD, 2023
7 PM
TBD-Swaminarayan Temple
1020 Bapa Road, Streamwood, IL 60107

Everyone who had the opportunity to attend the Diwali function, Post Pandemic, had a fantastic time remembering and dancing with the beats  of old songs, sung by a professional singer group.

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